Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings 2010/2011

by Raquel Elekes from A Timeless Memory
Winter Weddings. First thought; Christmas or New Year. Standard decorations, lights, Christmas Trees, star etc. Stereotypical? Maybe. But does it HAVE to be? No, Not at all!
Christmas and New Year are the highlight of the Winter Season and maybe because we see nothing but decorations from October straight through until December we automatically associate winter with the one particular theme. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down all the other things that come to mind when you think of winter.
Coming from the North, it might be easier for me to do than for most people who have spent their entire lives in the warm and sunny south. Use your imagination. Do an internet search for Northern areas and see what you find. Go to a travel agency and ask for information and flyers on ski resorts. Take a look through a video rental place and see if you can find movies that take place in colder climates. You might be surprised to find that even in the midst of all the cold and snow, there is color. Winter can be very romantic and beautiful if you find the right inspiration. Shades of grey and blue. Silver and gold. Ice blue, dark green, pure white, browns and deep red. Rich plaids with beautiful dark mixed colors made from thick warm linens. Faux furs, lace up boots and tall frozen branches with twinkle lights. Candles of all sizes and shapes, on every surface. Red apples, wrought iron candle holders, hurricane lamps with wreaths of pinecones and fir or cedar branches.
Use Trees. Don’t be afraid to use a “Christmas Tree” or 2 or 6 or 12. Just because it is called a Christmas tree, it does not mean you HAVE to decorate it!! We have plenty of trees in colder climates and believe me when I tell you that we do not decorate ALL of them!! Add twinkle lights to them, if you like, spray them very carefully with “snow, use different heights and place them in clusters around your Reception (in amongst the tables, not just around the outside and even place a few larger ones ON your dance floor! People will love to dance in amongst the trees!), room. Fill glass, silver bowls or containers with unscented potpourri. Tall floral arrangements of winter white flowers, pussy willows, red leaves and cedar bows. Silver or white feathers can make interesting and whimsical arrangements when placed in the right vase. Why not look for fur rugs to be placed around the room to add warmth? White couches with tons of cushions? Have you ever thought of walking down the aisle on a long faux fur aisle runner? It can all be done! Line your aisle with trees (trees, not just branches) without leaves, decorated with white lights and/or painted sparkling white like snow and ice. Place additional trees on either side of the altar, with white poinsettia plants. Roll out your faux fur aisle runner and place white poinsettia plants at the entrance of the church. Speak with the person in charge at your church if they can dim the lights before the ceremony begins as guests are arriving.
These are all just a few ideas to get you started. Do some research? Find your inspiration and then expand on it. Try not to mix all the ideas into one reception, your ideas have to all flow together from the dress, to the flowers, to the ceremony and throughout the evening. Be consistent and it will all be beautiful!!!

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