Engaged??..what to do?

Engaged?!?!…What to do?

by Raquel Elekes from A Timeless Memory

You are engaged! Now comes the hard part! Planning everything and trying not to become   overwhelmed in the process! As a Wedding Planner I can give you some advice; breathe! It really does not have to be as stressful as you think. Start with the basics and take it one step at a time. The best thing to do is begin with a season. As we are already in the summer season, we will talk about Summer! Why not plan a “destination” Wedding right here in Laredo? We have the weather, we have the culture, the food, the tropical flowers and we have multiple indoor and outdoor venues that can be set up to make you feel like you are away from home without even leaving town! Summer is the perfect time for such a Wedding.
An outdoor location is the easiest way to accomplish the “tropical” feel, and we do have some amazing Venues that can do just that! If your heart is set on one of our many indoor Venues, the same can be accomplished with the right planning. Begin by creating an atmosphere. You need to set the tone and make your guest think they have been relocated. A band is a great way to do this. Hire a band that can not only play great and fun music but can put on a show! Talk to the band, tell them what you are thinking about and ask if they can help you create just the right feel. Want Mexican Riviera? Caribbean? New Orleans? Hawaii? Start with the right band. Steel drums, brass band, blue grass, mariachi, etc… all help create just what you are looking for!

We are fortunate to be located in an area where we have access to Tropical flowers of all descriptions and they can definitely be used to help create the right look for both your ceremony and reception. Large floral arrangements in bright pretty colors, palm trees or hibiscus, fruit trees with blossoms, remember though, to make sure that you create the proper flow from one to the other. Choose colors that will tie into your summer theme and accentuate your flowers and decor! Linens should be a lighter fabric weight and should highlight your arrangements, not over power them. Use your décor, centerpieces, flowers and lighting to make the room come to life.

Talk to your caterers and tell them what you have in mind. They are professional and can help you come up with just the right menu to fit with what you are trying to create.  Now you have to decide what kind of set up to have to finish off the look. Do you want a sit down, a buffet or something a little different?  A lot will depend on what kind of dress you have chosen to wear. That may sound a little odd, but it is very true!! Your gown will set the entire stage for your wedding. Are you going having your wedding inside or outside? Formal or cocktail? What is the overall feel you want to achieve? Think of it as a costume in a play! Sticking with the summer theme, you will want to find a dress that you will be comfortable in during the heat.

Even though inside venues and churches do have air conditioning, keep in mind that both places will be filled with people. Hot plus lots of people equals VERY HOT! If your heart is set on the big “princess” dress, go for it… for your ceremony. For your reception, maybe think about a Change out Dress. One that is still just as beautiful, but something you can dance in and stay cool and something that ties into your setting.

There are truly so many ideas for creating the Summer Wedding of your dreams. Take it one step at a time, relax and enjoy the planning process!

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