Bringing in the New Year

Bringing in the New Year!

by Raquel Elekes from A Timeless Memory

2011 is here!  If you have a Wedding or a Quinceanera  coming up or have just started the planning process, there are a few new trends you should know about!

BOLD colors.  Glass Containers.  Signature Cocktails.  Ruffles and Lace. Big Band.  Food Stations and Appetizers.  Surprise Videos and Modern Photos. These are all the aspects we expect to see throughout 2011. Mix Modern with Retro. Traditional with the unexpected.

When I say “bold colors” I do not mean EVERYTHING. Keep this in mind when choosing linens. Choose your wedding/quinceanera colors. Use a muted shade of one for your base color. For example…if you like the color purple, pick a pretty shade of lavender or “baby” purple. THEN add the bold using your accents. Ask your florist what kind of flowers are seasonal in dark and deep purple, orange, blue (yes, you can actually find beautiful dark blue flowers), and deep yellows. Use charger plates in the same deep bold colors. Chair ties (but NOT the full cover, keep the chair cover in the muted light shade and use the tie to accent), and napkins all in the Bold color. Instead of using a clear glass vase to hold your floral arrangements, use colored glass. Have your bridesmaids each wear different deep color instead of everyone wearing the same. For your jewelry search for vintage chunky pieces that are not only pretty and unique but you will definitely wear these pieces again and again. If you would like to wear the necklace that your grandmother handed down from her grandmother for the ceremony; change your jewelry for the reception! Look for a guestbook in bold colors, tea light glass containers in colored glass instead of clear, photo frames in color, even your cocktail and wine glasses can be found in colored glass! The idea is to make your room POP but not to overdo it with everything. That can be overwhelming and is definitely not a trend for 2011!!!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, couples are thinking romance. What better way to “show the love” than learning how to dance AS A COUPLE. This is one of the biggest trends for the upcoming year. We are going old school with Big Bands making a huge appearance at receptions. Think Frank Sinatra, and the original “Rat Pack”! Vegas Clubs from a few generations ago! To pull this off you will have to learn how to dance. Yes, sorry guys but you might have to set aside some time to actually hold the love of your life in your arms, put away the cell phones and look into the eyes of the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with. I promise you it doesn’t hurt and won’t take a whole lot of your time. You might even have some fun. Take your entire bridal party with you for lessons so they can attempt to look good at the reception too. Kick it up by having the groom (or escort) changes into a white tuxedo jacket before he hits the floor for your dance. If a bride can have a change out gown for the reception, so can the groom!

Girls. With “romance” comes ruffles and lace. We all know that. If you are searching for that perfect gown, keep that in mind. 2011 will be filled with churches and dance floors showing off beautiful gowns, soft and romantic that easily flows. Definite guarantees that will make you want to twirl and glide down the aisle and spend the rest of the evening in the arms of the man that you love. Enjoy yourself and get in touch with your ultra feminine side.

Finally, you cannot forget the food. Appetizers of all kinds are making also putting in an appearance this year. Don’t want to have a sit down dinner with all the courses? Then don’t. It really is that simple. This does not in any way mean that you cut down on food. You just serve it differently! Martini glasses filled with unique potatoes found at the potatoes station. Shrimp cocktail, served in a cocktail glass handed out to your guests, hors d’ouvres served hot and cold throughout the entire evening by your wait staff walking around with trays filled with all kinds of hot and cold foods that will keep your guests guessing what’s next! Don’t just have dinner.  Have fun. Enjoy the planning process, there are a whole lot of changes this year and all you have to do is close your eyes and picture the possibilities!! Happy 2011 and Happy Planning!

Raquel Kearney Elekes; Wedding Specialist
A Timeless Memory

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